Terre di Castelmagno is able to satisfy the tastes of the moest demanding consumers. In our aging caves can be alwasy found shapes with different maturation period, form 4 months up to 30 months of affinage

At our site you can also find two different Castelmagno variants: Mountain cheese and Alpage production.
Our company, disposing also of the best summer pastures, is able to offer a great quality product. It is indeed in the summer period that the cheese reachs its peak development; mountain flora, fresh grass, herbaceous perfumes are element that you can find in our Alpege cheese.

Alpage Castelmagno is a Slow Food Presidìa, in which some historical producers from Chiappi, the highest village of Castelmagno area, also take part, who pledged to respect the historical production process and provide themselves with een more restrictive rules.