The aging is the stage of development, of growth.

The fresh Castelamgno, straight after production, is left to ripen in the dark and silence, o larch planks called étagères, placed in tuff caves. Silence is broken only by the gush of water flowing in the caves.

As a newborn that is rocked everyday, so the Castelmagno is daily turned over by skilled hands of affinuer and caressed by the moisture producted by the water.

The minimum maturation for our company lasts four mounths, but the longer Castelmagni is left to ripen, the more it flourushed with noble moulds and takes on fantastic colours. The Flavour becomes increasingly intense and persistent, the cheese develops and ennobles.

Throught the aging process, the texture becomes more dry and compacted and acquires a more intense colour, sometimes with blue-greenush nuances provided by natural occurring of "Penicillium" molds, responsible for the inner blue moulds.