The call of the origin land and the return to the family roots, these were the reasons why the company "Terre di Castelmagno" was born. The brothers Pier Andrea e Giorgio Amedeo, Valla Grana natives, after having traveled the world for work, decided to contribuite, spurred on by the late Gianni De Matteis, to the protection of Castelmagno cheese.

The link with Castelmagno dates back to the early 1950s: the teachers Amedeo, togheter with their family, used to spend the summer holidays in Chiappi, at Viano's house. The knowledge of "Castelmagno" is therefore dated and referred to the traditional product only.

To implement the project, a modern production facility as well as aging faility fave been biult in Chiappi, the highes village in the fabulous valley of Castelmagno Sanctuary and some valuable pastures have been aquired: Grange Nollo, Grande Rudu, Grange Bijoi, Grande Borgis.

The choice, surely agains the mainstream, to biult this production and aging center in the high valley comes from the desire to preserve and defend the tradition and to protect the production of this ancient and noble cheese. At these heights there are the best, richest and flowery pastures, and the cheese can ripen patiently and quietly in natural caves, while flourishing with noble moulds.