Maggio 8, 2016

Terre di Castelmagno

The “Terre di Castelmagno” society was born as a reminder of the land of origin and the return to the roots of its own family. The brothers Pier Andrea and Giorgio Amedeo, originally from the Alta Valle Grana, after traveling around the world for work, decided to contribute, urged by the late Gianni De Matteis, to the protection of CASTELMAGNO cheese. The link with Castelmagno dates back to the early fifties: the Amedeo family of masters used to spend their summer holidays in Chiappi, in the Viano house. The knowledge of “Castelmagno” is therefore dated and refers only to the historical product. To carry out the project, a modern production structure and a maturing center were built in the Chiappi locality, the highest fraction of the Municipality, in the fabulous basin of the Sanctuary of Castelmagno and valuable pastures have been acquired: GRANGE NOLLO, GRANGE RUDU, GRANGE BIJOI, GRANGE BORGIS. The choice, certainly against the current, to build this production and maturing center in Alta Valle derives from the desire to preserve and defend tradition and to protect the production of this ancient and noble cheese. At this height there are the best pastures, the richest and most flowery and the cheese matures patient and silent in natural places dressing and coloring itself with noble molds.

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